Mwila of Angola 

Mwila (or Mwela, Mumuhuila, or Muhuila) women are famous for their very special hairstyles. Hairstyles are very important and meaningful in Mwila culture. Women coat their hair with a red paste called, oncula, which is made of crushed red stone. They also put a mix of oil, crushed tree bark, dried cow dung and herbs on their hair.

Besides they decorate their hairstyle with beads, cauri shells (real or plastic ones) and even dried food. Shaving the forehead is considered as a sign of beauty. The plaits, which look like dreadlocks, are called nontombi and have a precise meaning. Women or girls usually have 4 or 6 nontombi, but when they only have 3 it means that someone died in their family. 

(Source: Eric Lafforgue)


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Poem for Zora, Part 1


To the young girls comparing heartbreaks as if they left physical scars
Meet the glory of my stretch marks
Proof that my body once made room to house a human
A heart other than my own, cratered inches below my chest
My baby girl might be you one day
So take it from her mother
A reminder to…


'Swept Away' - Lupita Nyong'o photographed by Emma Tempest and styled by Melissa Rubini.  hair: Bok-Hee - make-up: Junko Kioka - InStyle Dec13

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